MJF_CloseMatt Fuller - Senior Minister

Matt became a Christian during his time at university through the faithful lifestyle and witness of some friends. He met his wife Ceri there, although it took 7 years before he finally ground her down and she agreed to marry him. They are very grateful to God for their son, Nathan. Before training for ministry, Matt taught history and politics at secondary schools in Birmingham and London. He was on the staff of this church when it was planted in January 2001 and now gets nervous when he has to leave the city centre and venture into the countryside. He still enjoys reading History and Politics books (for fun!), but nothing gives him greater joy than seeing someone come to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Phil_ClosePhil Allcock - Assistant Minister

Phil grew up in a Christian home and is forever grateful to his parents for teaching him to trust in Jesus from an early age. However, it took him a very long time to learn that obeying God was the best and fullest way to live.

He started working life as a lawyer in the city and was part of the original team that planted CCM back in 2001. Having trained for ministry and then planted a church in Clapham he's delighted to be back! Along the way he married his lovely wife Juliette. Free time is spent walking their dog Milo, enjoying London and trying to keep fit.

Pete ClosePete Snow - Assistant Minister

Pete oversees our student's ministry and midweek Home Groups. Pete did an apprenticeship at Christ Church Mayfair a number of years ago, before going on to plant the Boathouse Church, Putney, and then do his training at Oak Hill theological college. He is extremely grateful to the Lord for his wife Sara, sons Hugo and William, and for all the grace and patience she shows in their marriage! In his spare time Pete enjoys sport (especially Rugby and Ping Pong) and being the tallest guy in most rooms.

Sharon_CloseSharon Walsh- Operations Manager

Sharon was brought up going to church, but it was only in her first year of work post-university that the Holy Spirit opened her eyes to see that being good wasn’t going to get her into heaven and that it was only possible through the death of the Lord Jesus, which was, and still is, a big relief and great joy. After working in publishing for seven years, she found herself being administrator of the church where she put her faith in Jesus. She's been on staff at CCM for  a number of years helping with the practical side of church ministry. By God's providence she met a visiting American called Tom at a morning service in 2015 and married him 16 months later. Sharon loves cooking, travelling and reading (and will recommend Dale Ralph Davies & JC Ryle to you if you stand still long enough).

Ali CloseAli Davies - Administrator

Ali managed to navigate her way through school and university life totally unaware of the claims of Christ. It wasn’t until she was working for a firm of London Chartered Surveyors (in the marketing department) that she was challenged by a colleague who talked about going to church and being a Christian. A few visits to Emmanuel Church Wimbledon made her realise that Christians had something, and knew someone, she didn’t. They all seemed so annoyingly happy, and she felt unclean and unworthy.  She was baffled and bothered.  But in God’s perfect timing, 5 days before she set off on a round-the-world trip she went to a church in Nottingham and experienced a life-changing event.  As Psalm 51 was read she was convicted of her sin, then embraced by the love of God and overwhelmed by joy.  She is thrilled to be back in London admin-ing for CCM and involved with Midweek in Mayfair.  She loves spending time with her 3 post-school children (when they’re around!) and walking her gorgeous Golden Retriever.


Photo copyright: Richard Hanson (0793 908 1208) Jason Roach, Mayfair 1, Westminster for Oak Hill. 02.10.12 Original job number RH2958 Commissioned by David Kratt at House Jason Roach - Westminster@1 Worker

Jason became a Christian at university when confronted with the evidence for the resurrection and the compelling life of Jesus. He is married to Rachel who is a full time mum to their two children Evie and Esther. Previously, Jason worked as a doctor and then as a medical journalist in London. He likes to think that he’s “still got it” by pre-empting House’s diagnoses when watching the TV series and writing whenever he can.

SFB_CloseSarah Farrar-Bell - Women's Worker

Sarah cannot remember a time when she has not known the Lord Jesus as someone real and part of family life when growing up, but she does remember aged eight asking her mother if they could pray together to ask Him to be her own Saviour and Lord. A great encouragement and help in getting to know the Lord better was going to Christian holiday parties as a teenager where she was encouraged to learn to rely on God’s word and to see that living with Christ and for His glory is indeed a life with joy and purpose. Since leaving university many years ago she have been a pastoral assistant in a university church, taught French, and married Charlie, a Maths teacher in a boarding school. They have 3 children (2 sons at university and a daughter in her last year at school). More recently she was working part-time in the Registrar’s office at her husband’s school. She loves her family, would love to have a lovely garden one day! and really enjoys meeting friends for coffee…

lizLiz Hayden - Women's Worker

University was a significant turning point in Liz’s life; although she’d grown up going to church it was through meeting the Christian Union at the Glasgow School of Art that she discovered the fullness of life Jesus brings. Liz graduated and moved to London, joining the Christ Church family in 2011. She left London a year later to experience life in the much more hectic city of Beijing. On her return to the UK she spent five years working with university Christian Unions in southwest London, helping students to live and speak for Jesus. Liz joined the church staff team in 2016 and co-ordinates the women’s ministry, particularly amongst the evening congregation. Liz has been reliably informed she has a distinctive, but infectious, laugh. 


Ben Close 2Ben Slee - Music Director

Ben is thankful for his Christian family, who brought him up to know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. At the age of 15 - and ever since - God has been teaching Ben a love for Him and His word through patient pastors, parents and peers, for whom Ben is hugely grateful. God has proven Himself so faithful in Ben's life; through studying music at City University London, his 2-year apprenticeship at Christ Church Beckenham, and in his recent marraige to the lovely Sarah. Ben enjoys sunny walks, pretty places and tasty food. And all things music, of course!

Loz_CloseLoz Oliphant - Students

Loz flirted a bit with Christianity at senior school (13-18) and even called himself a Christian whilst going to the school Christian meetings and Christian summer camps. However by the end of school he decided it was all bunkum and that he’d heard enough and had enough. Thankfully God wasn’t done with Loz though and a friend from a summer camp invited Loz along to Christ Church Mayfair in late 2005. This opened a floodgate of questions from Loz (which have slowed down but not abated) and after hearing about Jesus over a hundred times it eventually culminated in Loz following Jesus sometime in 2006. Alongside loving Jesus, Loz loves playing rugby (injuries, time and cuddliness permitting) and eating his Mum’s cooking. He also seems to have accidentally started a hat collection. Contributions welcome.

James_CloseJames Kight - Children & Youth

James was brought up going to church, and is thankful for the many people over many years who taught him about the life, death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus. However, it was only at the age of 16 that he turned from trying to earn forgiveness of sins, to trusting that Jesus’ death means that forgiveness can be freely given to undeserving people. Since then, James moved to London, where he studied Chemical Engineering at university, and joined Christ Church Mayfair, whom he serves as an apprentice. He enjoys reading, and playing or watching most sports.

Dicky_CloseSimon Dickson - Evangelism

Simon can never remember a time he did not believe in God, but it was probably as a 12 year old when he was shown the Bible and begun to understand the Gospel for himself that he truly came to faith. After majoring in Archaeology and Harry Potter studies at Uni, Simon moved to Oxford and worked for Iwerne Holidays for a couple of years, telling teenagers about Jesus.  Simon heads up our Honest Questions course, alongside other events.  Simon is grateful to God for his marriage to Lucy, and enjoys playing sport, but enjoys watching 90's football montages on YouTube more.

MattBeeby-1Matt Beeby - Midweek in Mayfair worker

Matt grew up in a Christian home and is immensely grateful to God for Christian parents who taught him the gospel as he grew up. He remembers trusting Christ for himself on a Titus Trust Christian camp when he was 13. He doesn’t regret doing so. He is married to Amy who is now a full-time mum to their three children: James, Emma & Edward. Previously, Matt worked as a management consultant, largely in the financial services industry. He still reads the Business pages with some interest (although only after reading the Sport section first).