Ministry Trainee Scheme

The Ministry Trainee Scheme (sometimes called: apprenticeship) is an opportunity for men and women to gain experience of full-time “paid” gospel ministry. At Christ Church Mayfair, our ministry trainees generally join us for two years to develop their knowledge of Scripture, godliness of character and skills in ministry.

The scheme aims to provide either a useful step on the way to full-time theological education, or to equip Christians for a lifetime of service in their local churches. They are part of the national “9:38” initiative to encourage ministry training.

Training has three elements:


A basic grounding in systematic theology and how to apply it to issues of ministry, through learning on the job with staff (each trainee has a staff trainer who acts as a mentor) and one morning a week at Workshop. At the Workshop ministry trainees give expository talks and receive feedback, as well as being guided in their reading of seminal Christian books and having the opportunity to air questions arising from ministry each week.


The Bible is clear that along with the ability to teach sound doctrine and refute error, the foremost prerequisite for church leaders is godliness. This requires honesty in addressing areas such as holiness (e.g. prayerfulness, personal Bible reading), teamwork (e.g. cooperation with and support of others in their ministry, acceptance of both leadership and supporting roles), faithfulness (e.g. commitment to God, his word and his people) and humility (e.g. willingness to perform menial and unglamorous tasks, willingness to change behaviour and beliefs in accordance with God’s word).


The main skill areas the Ministry Trainee Scheme seeks to address are teaching (e.g. preparing and giving a Bible talk, 1-1 discipleship, leading group bible studies), leadership (e.g. organizing an event or meeting, gathering/training/monitoring a team), evangelism (e.g. caring and praying for the lost, understanding and explaining the gospel without using jargon, giving evangelistic talks), strategy (e.g. grasp something of the national and denominational Christian scene and the “needs of the hour”, identify and resolve conflicts of priority within church ministry), and people (e.g. dealing with conflict and celebrating success, listen to and empathise with people).

Ministry trainees are a great joy to the whole church family and in turn, tell the church family it is a great joy to serve and grow.

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