Students Knowing God

Keep your Tuesday nights free, because SKG is our Student Knowing God night.

We get together in church (directions) at 6 for 6.30pm. There’s a talk, an open question time, some tasty supper, small-group Bible studies, and then a chance to chill out over tea/coffee and pudding. The atmosphere is relaxed, a questioning mindset is encouraged, and the fellowship is deep.

This year our talks will be thinking through some of the biggest issues that we want to shape our time at Uni.What does the Bible say about...

  • the Bible (how do we know what's true?)
  • the world (where did we come from and where are we going?)
  • us (why doesn't the world work the way it should?)
  • Jesus' death (a tragic mistake, or the centre of history?)

In Bible studies all year we are looking together at John's Gospel.

For more information, contact us.