8 December 2013
Adult Baptisms

As John Piper puts it: "What counts in the new people is not who your parents are but whom you live for; and therefore a new symbol for the new covenant people is given, baptism."

These services will include both baptisms (for those who were not baptised as infants) and a public confirmation of faith for those who were baptised but have recently come to faith or never made a public declaration of their faith in Jesus Christ.  If you're interested in taking part, you can contact one of our Assistant Ministers (Matt Banks, Simon Pedley) or one of our women's workers (Sarah Farrar-Bell, Ruth Riordan) to discuss this further.

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The details...

Sunday 8 December 2013
10:15am - 8:00pm
Christ Church Mayfair
Down Street W1J 7AN (map)
Free for all persons