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The SKG Weekend!

Written by Pete Snow


Hello students!

Welcome back to London. We've missed you. And I have some exciting news to share. (I think they would call it a 'scoop' in the newspaper world). This year Christ Church Mayfair offers you something fresh, new, untried, exhilarating and life-changing! It's... (drumroll please)...
That's right: our very own residential getaway for CCM students. A holiday, if you will, with a spiritual aim. We've never done it before. Other churches have: they do it for their students, and we've always been a bit jealous of that fact, and now we've had enough, and we're going for it.


'But where?' I hear you cry. 'And when?' Otford Manor in Kent, my friends, and from 5-7th January 2018. Perfect for getting some country air, resetting your spiritual priorities at the start of a new year, and deepening friendships with your SKG chums. We'll have excellent talks from the Bible, time to sing, pray and praise God, hearty winter food and bonfires with marshmallows after dark. We think it's going to become the highlight of the SKG year. Don't miss out on being there for the first one: I want to be able to say. "I was there when the SKG Weekend began."



Bookings will open in October. We'll tell you more about how to book and how to get there then. We even have a special student discount and early bird rate. But we're telling you about it now so you can a) get excited, b) keep the dates free, and c) tell all our new freshers how good it's going to be.



So: The SKG Weekend. 5-7 January 2018. Yes please.