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Loz’s top tips for London Uni Life

Hello there, and welcome to the Christ Church Mayfair blog.  If you’re reading this post, then it's likely you're gearing up to study in London this year: congratulations!! I had fab times studying here, but some tricky times too. So, as you get ready to make the move, here are a few tips for making it work as you start out…

Be a hunter-gatherer – Food is expensive and taking up a crossbow to hunt pigeons leads to a criminal record. Nevertheless, my body is a temple and my mind is a muscle! Both must be nurtured by food if I’m going to live another day. Identify nearest supermarkets. Identify reduced-to-clear aisles, and ask when reductions occur (I’ve eaten many delicious M&S dinners for under a fiver!). Download the Too Good to Go app to snap up discount restaurant leftovers. Got this all sorted?  Share your gourmet trophies with your new uni friends by hosting a meal. You’ll be a hero. You’re welcome.

Master TfL – Using the TFL Journeyplanner online combined with the Citymapper app makes journeys a breeze. Travelling lots? Save cash with a Student Oyster card, get a 16-25 Railcard and link it with your Oyster card to save even more. Best of all, get on a bike and save loads. Your borough or university might make you eligible for free cycle training. You'll be buzzing around the city in no time.

Make friends for life – After a decade in London as a student/Students’ Union employee/ University Chaplain/Church Student Worker I think this is the most important tip I have:

Seek out and invest in costly, quality Christian friendships in church.

There are loads of wonderful things about life in London but tough times come. Good Christian friends helping me live for Jesus in those moments is something I’ll never forget. Can I welcome you along to our friendly church family? You can visit Christ Church Mayfair on Sundays at 6pm (and stick around for tasty dinner when term starts!)

In the video below you can hear a bit more from a few of our current students at Christ Church Mayfair about their experience of London life and our church family life!