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Hosting a Friend at a Carol Service

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So we’ve been praying and inviting ahead of the carol service, and to our joy a friend is coming with us. Now how do we make the most of the opportunity?


Arrow prayers! At the readings, songs, during the sermon- shoot those prayers up to God for your friend!


During the sermon try to think yourself into the shoes of your unbelieving friend. What will they make of this? And listen in for perhaps a key phrase or question the preacher asks.


All too often I can’t believe my luck this friend is sitting here with me in Church and I’m desperate to know what they think of Christ, and at the end walking home I’ll pluck up the courage to ask ‘So what did you think?’ and most usually get answer along the lines of ‘yeah it was good.’ or ‘beautiful music.’ and then the chat goes on to talking about something else. But I’ve found that asking a more specific question allows them to reveal what they make of Christ. So perhaps a question like ‘what did you make of that verse that said the ‘Word became flesh’?’ or ‘Do you think there is a need for Jesus?’

christianity_explored_link_picNext steps?

For your friend what would be the best next step for them? Would Christianity Explored be good for them? Perhaps reading Luke together? Coming to Church with you on Sunday? And if they are keen to hear more, take action ASAP! Otherwise before we know it, it’ll be mid January and they’ll have forgotten they even came to a Carol service. Go for it!

As we set about this this next week we have the promise from Jesus that ‘surely I am with you, to the very end of the age.’ Amen!