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Student Knowing God – John 3

To help us prepare for our studies in John's gospel, each week I'll be posting the next passage that we'll be studying, as well as some questions to think about as you read through. Why not use 15 minutes of the weekend to read and think before we meet to study the passage?

John ch3

1. How does the beginning of chapter 3 follow on from the end of chapter 2?

2. What are the requirements for entering the kingdom of God? (See Ezekiel 36:24-29 for explanation)

3. How does the story of the bronze snake (Numbers 21:4-9) relate to the gaining of eternal life (v14,15)?

4. What do verses 19-21 tell us about why people do or do not believe?

5. These verses contain some tough teaching. List the different reasons given in verses 22-36 as to why we should accept it.

See you all on Tuesday!


With thanks to RML John (p257)!