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Here’s hoping it’s not a dry summer (2)

See part 1 here

The second help for avoiding Summer Dryness is to stay close to other Christians

We’re warned not to give up the habit of meeting together (Heb 10:25) – the writer was unlikely to have been thinking exclusively about Christians in the summertime, but the warning surely applies. Scripture tells us that a church, we, are a body – we need each other to function properly and to help each other (1 Corinthians 12:12-27 particularly). So keep coming on Sundays whenever you can – Sunday services continue at 10.15 and 6pm (5 & 7 resume on Sept 28th - got it?) and once a month after the morning service we have a picnic together in the park. And keep coming to the midweek meetings  - the Summer Specials (“special by name, special by nature”. Hmm. May be setting ourselves quite a high bar there…).

Even if your regular midweek bible study group has ‘finished’, it doesn’t mean your relationship with the members of that group is ended! Keep looking out for one another and having ‘holy conversation’– let’s not be embarrassed to ask one another how we’re going with the Lord/what he’s been teaching us about himself. Let’s resolve not to get the hump (for our American cousins: get ticked off) with one another if someone phones or emails to say ‘I haven’t seen you for a while and wanted to check you’re doing ok’ – it’s an expression of love and care among Christian brothers and sisters which is right and good (usually. Start worrying if you saw/spoke to them the day before and they clearly have no memory of you.)

In a prayer triplet? Keep meeting up – even if only 2 of you can make it. And being honest with one another – it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out you’re in a group with other (forgiven) sinners. Not in a prayer triplet? We can help! Contact the church office and we’ll try to hook you up info@christchurchmayfair.org

Got a bit more time over the summer? Sooper. Why not use it to invite some of the church family for a meal - it can be pasta and pesto for main and a yoghurt for pudding, it’s the getting together that counts. Or, let’s be optimistic, why not arrange to meet for a picnic in one of London’s many beautiful parks (don’t forget your brolly. We’re optimistic but we’re not foolhardy).


It’s not rocket science, is it? But Summer Dryness is a sneaky phenomenon that can creep up on us unawares so it’s worth resolving now not to be outwitted by it. Share concerns as well as ideas and Top Tips with other brothers and sisters. Let’s pray for one another as a church that we’ll come out of the summer in better shape spiritually than we went into it.