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Internet Roundup: 28.03.14

Once every two weeks, our congregation member Dave Wakefield brings you a distillation of some of the very best and most interesting articles and content that have been circulating on the web.  Here's his internet roundup for 28.03.14:

What does the Bible teach about emotions? – as an emotionally repressed British public school boy this series looks helpful. But on a more serious note this deals with the important question of how do we view our emotions as a Christian – do we follow them blindly or ignore them? Is there a middle way?

If all Religions are true, then God is Cruel – if all religions are true – why do we need Christ and the Cross

Don’t quote me on this – How has the internet changed the way we use quotes? “Quotations become a way not to add depth to your thinking, but to avoid thinking”

The most influential reformer you’ve never heard of – Hannah More? Anyone? Anyone? If the answer is no – read this article!

3 ways to recognise Bad Stats – as both Christians and Atheist commentators start using more and more statistics it is worth us recognising the difference between a good statistic and a bad statistic. This article is a good start.

What do Wealth Distributions tell us about economic inequality? – It seems like every week there is a new report about how the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. While undoubtedly this is true the truth is that a lot of the statistics being bandied around are just wrong.

Does 10,000 hours of practice really help? – If you have read, heard of, or met anyone who has read Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers the chances are you have heard of the theory that 10,000 hours of practice is the magic number. However a group of psychologists have recently challenged this.