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A look back at the Houseparty


“Not my gumdrop buttons!” cried out our very own Will Smith (seen above) during the hilarious act-out-a-scene-from-a-movie round at the Saturday evening quiz on CCM’s houseparty last week. Having fun like that and seeing each other in different scenarios is just one of the reasons why the house party is so precious for building relationships across the church family. It was so nice to have relaxed time together: whether that was a quiet drink in the bar at the end of the day, mucking around with the kids in the swimming pool, playing touch rugby or chatting over good food in the restaurant.


And we certainly had lots to chat about: on the Saturday we heard two heart-warming talks from Chris Green on the imperishable hope that is waiting for us in heaven. In a world marked by despair, death and decay and in a society in which we as Christians are increasingly regarded as irrelevant, Chris exhorted us that to the extent we remember this hope, to that extent we will live as courageous Christians. On Sunday Matt Fuller (senior minister at Christ Church Mayfair) challenged us to always be ready to give a reason to our family and friends for the hope that we have - even if that means getting out of our comfort zones. And I had the opportunity to round things off by going through some practical ways to “go fishing” in our everyday conversations with people. Essentially we were thinking: How can we speak in such a way that sparks people’s interest in Jesus?


Special thanks to all the speakers, admin team, musicians, children’s teachers/minders, apprentices who made the weekend possible.