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Moving to Three Services

CCM_3_service_Flyer_backHopefully most regular members of Christ Church Mayfair will now be aware that from 2nd February 2014 we are planning to move our current 6.30pm service to 5pm and start a new service at 7pm.  The morning service will remain at 10.15am.  This is a significant step in the life of the church – and not without risk – so I just wanted to take a few moments to explain the thinking behind these moves, and to ask you to pray with us, as we make this transition.

Why we’re making the change

There are really three primary reasons behind this change.

  1. We’re well-placed to reach London with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe it’s both a great blessing and responsibility that the Lord has given us so many resources and placed us in central London.  The growth of his Kingdom is, of course, entirely his work, but we want to be doing all we can to maximize our use of all he has given us.
  2. We don’t want to become too comfortable at CCM.  Now, I’m fully aware that there are many at CCM who are serving wholeheartedly.  So some will think the idea that CCM is ‘comfortable’ right now a bit silly.  But by God's grace, we're at a size now where many might join us and have the perception that there's no real need for them to get involved and serve on a Sunday - all the practical jobs appear to be covered (which, incidentally, they're not!). And we’ve also, happily, reached the stage where the number of people we are blessed with means we can make this stretching move without over-burdening those who are already serving sacrificially.  It’s tempting to see this stage as just the right moment to relax, but we are a family of believers in God's service and so want to see everyone mucking in and doing all they can to build God’s kingdom at CCM.
  3. In all of this, we believe that increasing opportunities for all of us to serve Jesus Christ together will draw us together as a church, strengthening our community.

What will this look like?

We’re still figuring out the precise practicalities, but what we do know is that Sundays will have three services: 10.15am, 5pm and 7pm meaning every single member of the church is needed. We’re hoping and praying that this will be a great benefit and blessing to the whole church family across all three services.

Pray with us

We have a truly great God, who is able to do “immeasurably more than we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3), so please join us in committing all of these plans to the Lord.  If you are a regular member of CCM, please do pray about where you can best serve the gospel.

This is an exciting challenge for us as a church! We’re going to need God’s grace and wisdom in our plans and as we pull together as a church. Pray for us to remain united.

We long to see Christ Church Mayfair grow in both breadth (as more of those who don't yet know Christ are reached) and depth (as we mature through these challenges): please ask the Lord for both of these things for his glory.

Pray, finally, that in all of this the Lord would keep us humble, and – whatever comes – that he would enable us to give him all the glory for his work at Christ Church Mayfair, in London, and around the world.