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Responding to choices

Loz Oliphant's student team pick of the week:

“How we respond to the choices we make is just as important as the choices themselves”

I don’t know about you but sometimes I can get ‘stuck in a rut’, it was something I particularly struggled with at university. I’d get behind on an essay, miss a deadline, or make some other choice to do something stupid. Now making one bad decision would sometimes lead me to believe the lie that cos I’ve screwed up in one area and I feel a bit rubbish, I may as well compromise in another area and miss another deadline or something. I mean, what’s one more sin right? It can be a compelling lie to believe.

However, a blog post I recently came across was therefore particularly helpful in reminding me that feeling shame over sin is not enough, we need to bring it to Jesus, confess our sin to him and turn away from it and towards God. We need repentance and we need God to restore our joy. Kind David’s words in Psalm 51 are particularly helpful in guiding us through to repentance and I commend this article to help us all be quicker to repent of our sin and not just to wallow in shame.

“Yet in his [King David’s] repentance, he not only seeks cleansing from sin, but also freedom from shame when he prays, “Restore to me the joy of your salvation.””