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Internet Roundup 12.10

We're back with our twice-monthly roundup of interesting, thought-provoking, and fun content on the internet from recent weeks.

Actually, the Dark Ages never existed – There's no question that the church in the Middle Ages faced daunting challenges: widespread biblical illiteracy, pervasive cultural syncretism, a society steeped in violence, incredible disparities between rich and the poor, church leaders often more concerned with power, influence, and prestige than ministering to their flocks, political leaders more than happy to co-opt the church for their own purposes, and pastors who were often ill-equipped to deal with these pressing difficulties. Sound familiar?

Why Philosophy Matters – As a Philosophy graduate I think this is a helpful reminder of the use (as well as limitations of Philosophy).

The Importance of the Printing Press - The invention of the printing press was the medieval equivalent of Twitter – all of a sudden opinions were not only cheap but easily replicated and spread. But what do we know about the original printing press? (Warning this article is long and fairly wordy).

Rosaria Butterfield is still fighting the good fight. I have previously recommended Rosaria Butterfield’s book Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert. This Article is a good reminder to pray for her.

Scientists take it back: Bacon is actually good for you. – Looks like those 3 extra pieces of bacon you had for breakfast this morning were actually extendeding your life!

Young people not quite as digitally native as you think – Everyone knows Young people are born these days with smartphones in their hands and will stay glued to the internet from that time onward. Right? Well not quite.