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Christianity Explored

Stepping into McDonalds doesn’t make you a hamburger. That’s just one of the many deep theological truths that we will be exploring at Christianity Explored! Stepping into a church building doesn’t make you a Christian any more than stepping into a fast food restaurant makes you a Big Mac. Over the next 7 weeks at Christianity Explored we are going to see that Christianity is not about going to church once a week, not about trying to follow an ancient set of rules, not even about trying to be a good person. Christianity is about the life and death of one man: Jesus of Nazareth.


Who is it for?
Christianity Explored starts tonight and is for anyone. Maybe you’ve just had your first child and you are wondering whether there is more to life than climbing the greasy pole at work. Maybe you’re a student and you just want to get clear in your head about Jesus one way or the other: was he the Son of God, as Christians claim, or was he just a good man whom the institutional church later hijacked for their own agenda? Perhaps you’re someone who heard about Jesus in school assemblies many years ago but have never read the Bible yourself as an adult. Maybe you know someone for whom Christianity Explored would be the perfect place to look into the Christian faith: another mum at the school gate, a colleague you’ve been meaning to go out for a beer with for ages, a friend at the hockey club. It’s not too late to sign up.

What do we do?
There are three elements to a Christianity Explored course (well, four if you include food before hand!).

Each week we’ll have a talk about a key aspect of the Christian faith:

  • Who Jesus is
  • Why did he come?
  • Why did he die?
  • Why did he rise?
  • What would it mean to follow him?

And at the heart of it all in we have a talk on something called “Grace.” This is often the point when people really start to sit up and listen. Grace means that we can’t earn anything from God. Grace means that Christianity is not about trying to work our way up to God by being good. Grace means that anything we ever get from God we receive as a gift rather than earning it. Grace means that a Christian can say “there is nothing that I can do to make God love me more and nothing I could do to make him love me less.” Grace is a wonderful thing, and is something that sets Christianity apart from all other religions.

The second element is a time for discussion. We welcome any question. We won’t judge you, we won’t take offence, we will just try and do our best to answer, from the Bible, to the best of our ability. You may have questions about sex, evolution, suffering, the reliability of the Bible. We believe that Christianity is true in the most robust sense of the word. It can stand being prodded and poked and asked questions of.

Bible study
The third and perhaps most distinctive element of Christianity Explored is that we try and put the bible into people’s hands. Over the course we try and read through all of Mark’s Gospel. Many people have made up their mind about Jesus based on hazy knowledge about him from Sunday school or school assemblies when they were young. We simply want to encourage people to read the bible for themselves and encourage them to ask and answer the question: “Who do you, as an adult, say that Jesus is?”

So please, if you can, come along. There will be nothing weird about it. We won’t be issuing tambourines and sandals at the end, you won’t be forced to stand in a circle and sing kum-ba-yah! In fact no one will be asked to sing or pray out loud. It’s held in a pub, we provide dinner and you're welcome to grab a drink, and it's all very relaxed.

Really hope to see you.
Starts: Tonight, Tuesday 8th October, but you can come along any Tuesday for the next seven weeks (until Nov. 19th)
Where: Rose and Crown Pub, 2 Old Park Land, W1K 1QN
Timings: 7pm for food (no charge), 7.30-9pm for talk and discussion
To let us know you're coming, please email us!