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Internet Roundup 5

Five Fundamental questions Conservative Evangelicals must address – this article forces us to ask questions about the future of Evangelical thought. Although it admits it raises more questions than it answers it still acts as a starting point for a debate.It also links to some interesting articles about the nature of institutions and how Christians view them.

In the Beginning was the word and the word is now on an App – The story of the YouVersion Bible app. As Bible apps become more common here is the story of the most popular Bible app of them all.

7 Concerns with how technology shapes ‘Modern’ life – We are now used to reading articles about how technology has shaped our lives either for the worse or better. However, as this article points out, this is hardly a new concern.

The 7 Wikipedia articles more controversial than Jesus – What winds up the average contributor to Wikipedia more than Jesus?

For those people who love books here is an enjoyable tour around 62 of the greatest Libraries in the world.

And as you hit one of the last weekend's of the summer, here's a little video on 29 ways to stay creative: