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God’s message

This week's student team pick comes from my preparation for a sermon on Matthew 3. Listen to this wonderful observation by Frederick Bruner commenting on Matthew 3:17 and 17:15

Only twice in the Synoptic Gospels does God the Father speak directly to the world from heaven: at Jesus; Baptism and at Jesus; Transfiguration, and both times the Father says the same thing: "This is my priceless Son; I am deeply pleased with him". If we hear the Father's twice-repeated voice at Baptism and Transfiguration correctly, the one fact the Father wants believers to know, above apparently all other facts, is how much we have in Jesus. If we know this, we know the most important fact in the world. "Here," God is saying in so many words, "in this man, is everything I want to say, reveal, and do, and everything I want people to hear, see and believe. If you want to know anything about me, if you want to hear anything from me, if you want to please me, get together with him" (or in the three words added emphatically by the Voice at the Transfiguration: "Listen to him!").