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Internet Roundup 3

Welcome back to our third 'Internet Roundup'!  Every fortnight, I collect together a series of interesting and/or useful posts that have gone up over the past two weeks, which you might have missed in the continual flow of information on the net!   The first and second roundup have many links that will remain useful to living our daily Christian lives regardless of when you get to view them, but here's a list of some more recent things you may have missed from around the web:

  • Just how reliable is Wikipedia? This article ask how this wildly popular online encyclopedia is edited.
  • Which is more trusted in Britain: Google or Religious institutions?  This report has some surprising conclusions.
  • What impact does Celebrity have on the church? Carl Trueman suggests an interesting thought experiment.
  • “There may be no more significant Old Testament description of how God relates to His people than this Hebrew word hesed. I argue that the best translation of this term would be 'loyal love.' God loves His people genuinely, immutably, loyally. Both the love and the loyalty are, of course, tightly bound together.” R. C. Sproul helps us consider God’s covenant love.
  • While so much of the internet is angry ill-informed comment or pictures of cats, here are 7 Websites which will stretch the brain.
  • After just condemning the internet for featuring much content of little value I fear that I stand by my own words condemned. Here is a wonderful little website devoted to photos of Kim Jong Un looking at things.