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Internet Roundup 2

Welcome back to the second of our 'Internet Roundup' instalment.  Every fortnight, I collect together a series of interesting and/or useful posts that have gone up over the past two weeks, which you might have missed in the continual flow of information on the net!   The first roundup included analysis of current events from the gospel coalition, a new website dedicated to the collection of testimonies and a video on living our daily lives as Christians.  I hope you'll find today's collection of links as useful as the first!

  • What’s your attitude toward heaven? Does it fill you with excitement? How often do you, your church, and your family talk about it? This article by Randy Alcorn gives us a reminder that Heaven won’t be boring.
  • John Piper talks very honestly here about his regrets from his ministry but also his plans for the future and retirement.
  • Is the News making us Dumb? ’The problem isn't merely that the latest news is inaccurate—that is an inevitable feature of daily news—but that most news is largely irrelevant to our lives as Christians. As someone that tries to keep up to date with the latest news, this represents a challenge to think about whether I have made knowledge of current affairs into an Idol.
  • Although not usually a fan of baseball I enjoyed this story and the accompanying video of the Home Run.
  • Time magazine have released their list of the Top 100 most influential people. When reading it’s worth asking ‘how do we define influence?’ and ‘do we value people for the wrongs reasons?’
  • And finally, a video for all the parents out there: