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Team Picks – Dave Wakefield

What’s been exciting you recently?

The Six Nations! But on a slightly more serious note I’ve just started reading a book called Cold Case Christianity – it’s a book explaining the Christian Faith written by an American Homicide Detective and as such fits into the market of Apologetics books which are written by people whose real life jobs apparently give them an edge in weighing the evidence for the Gospel. We’ve seen Journalists uncovering the story of who Christ was, we’ve seen Lawyers arguing the case for Christ, we’ve seen Judges weighing the evidence for Christ.

I confess I am slightly worried where this will end; The Gospel of Clock-makers finding out what makes Christ tick, or the Gospel of Arsonists fanning into flames people’s faith. The person to submit the best suggestion will win a Twix on Sunday.

But the pleasant surprise I had when opening this book was that it wasn’t just a repeat of all the other popular apologetics books of the last 50 years. Instead it answered the sort of claims that are made by ‘popular academics’ and reported by newspapers as groundbreaking insight into Christianity. So it engages with claims that the New Testament has been corrupted by Scribes and by the Church, it engages with the idea of Eyewitness testimony.

More than that it is a genuinely fun book to read – with interesting anecdotes about the life of an American Homicide detective. If you’ve never read a book on Christian Apologetics I recommend this one.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, have a look at Tim Challies' review.