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Last week I had to tackle evolution as part of a Faith or Fiction talk on "Isn't the Bible a myth that science has disproved?" After wading through Christian books arguing that theirs is the only faithful interpretation of Genesis, I found Tim Keller's wisdom hugely refreshing:
"Since Christian believers occupy different positions on both the meaning of Genesis 1 and on the nature of evolution, those who are considering Christianity as a whole should not allow themselves to be distracted by this intramural debate. The skeptical enquirer does not need to accept any one of these positions in order to embrace the Christian faith. Rather, he or she should concentrate on and weigh the central claims of Christianity. Only after drawing conclusions about the person of Christ, the resurrection, and the central tenets of the Christian message should one think through the various options with regard to creation and evolution." (The Reason for God, p.94)
Which means we don't have to be scared of questions about dinosaurs or where Cain's wife came from. It's not a cop-out, but gets at the heart of the issue to say "I don't know, but I know that Jesus is Lord and he rose from the dead. What do you think about him?"


Update: listen to the three talks from the day (right click to download)