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Ephesians time over Christmas

Our last set of questions for this term, a chance to reflect on what we've seen in Ephesians so far.

- Take time during the Christmas break to read and re-read Ephesians 1-3. Praise God for his awesome plan and his power to accomplish it! And pray for his power to be at work in you.

- Think of a few things from chapters 1-3 that were new, striking or particularly encouraging or challenging for you. How could you respond more deeply in your thoughts and actions?

- Were there things in chapters 1-3 that you found surprising, confusing, or difficult to accept? Don't just forget about them! Pray, talk to Christian friends (especially your SKG group leaders), read other relevant Bible passages, and trust that God is able to reveal the answers he wants you to have.

- Go on, read ahead! We'll be in chapters 4-6 next term. The more you read and absorb now, the better next term's groups will be!