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Zooooooooom out – Bible overview talks on Tuesdays this term

Maps.  They’re great.  If I dropped you off without warning in a random and unfamiliar part of London, your first thought might be: “how bizarre, why did you do that?”  But then you’d turn your attention to finding your way home, and you’d almost certainly need a map.  I’m guessing you’d whip out your smartphone with its map app, locate yourself using GPS, then zooooooom out to see where you are in relation to the rest of London.  Then maybe you’d find a tube or bus map to work out your route.  Maps are great.

Now change the scene.  For a second time you find yourself dropped off without warning, but this time in a random and unfamiliar part of the Bible.  There are words on the page, but you just can’t get your bearings.  You’re not quite sure where (or when, or even who!) you are.  You don’t know how what you’re reading relates to the rest of the Bible, or to your life today.  So you might go in all sorts of wrong directions.  Guess what would really help?  A map.

So on Tuesdays this term, we want to give you a map.  To zoooooooom out and see the grand sweep of God’s story in the Bible – Genesis to Revelation, Creation to New Creation, everything God has revealed from beginning to end.

When I was a student, my own confused reading of the Bible was transformed by hearing a Bible overview.  Even if the words on the page can still be confusing, I always know roughly how what I’m reading fits into God’s big plan for the universe, and therefore how it relates to my own life.  Having a map stops me going in all sorts of wrong directions.   And it fills me with awe of God, because it turns out that his plan is stupendously wonderful.

Here’s how it looks:

9 Oct “God saw it was good” Creation
16 Oct “Did God really say…?” Fall
23 Oct “All peoples will be blessed” Promises – judgement and salvation
30 Oct “A land of milk and honey” Israel – kings and catastrophes
13 Nov “Yes in Jesus” Jesus – his life, death and resurrection
20 Nov “The day of salvation” The mission of the church
27 Nov “The trumpet will sound” The future

See you there!