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Prayer!  One of the biggest privileges of being a Christian is that anytime, anywhere, we can speak to God.  Aloud or inside your head, whether standing, kneeling or sitting on the loo, you can praise and pray to your heavenly Father, and know that he hears you.  Not only that, but he cares, and is powerful to answer your prayers according to his will.  So....... why don't we all pray more?!  No hands went up at SKG when I asked if you thought you prayed enough.
The answer is not trying harder, or guilt-tripping ourselves into a better prayer-life.  The answer is realising that we are utterly dependent on God, that without him we're nothing and can achieve nothing.  Then we'll pray!  King David shows he understands this during a brilliant prayer in 1 Chronicles 29:10-20.  He says: "everything in heaven and on earth is yours... wealth and honour come from you; you are the ruler of all things... Who am I, and who are my people? ... Everything comes from you, and we have only given you what comes from your hand."  If we understand that, then we'll pray!
On Tuesday I mentioned three ways you can take opportunities to pray at CCM, so here they are again:
1. The monthly prayer meeting.  On the first Wednesday of each month, SKG moves from Tuesday to Wednesday, so we can gather with everyone else from church, and commit lots of aspects of the church life to him in prayer.  The first one is next week - so come to SKG on Wed 7th Nov, not on Tuesday!  Come at 6pm as usual, but meet in the Flat (21B Down Street, opposite CCM).  We'll have a talk from Dave on a chap named Athanasius, a rather awesome hero of the faith from the 4th century.  Historical, yes.  Boring, no.  Inspiringly world-changing, yes.
2. Prayer triplets.  Loads of people in church are in prayer triplets - or pairs, or squares, but triplets usually seem to work best.  Get together regularly with two other Christians of the same sex, so you can share your joys, fears, temptations , struggles, and victories - and pray for each other.  Let us know if you're not in a prayer triplet but would like to be.  We'd encourage it for everyone!
3. Meeting one-to-one.  Many people would say the deepest, most life-changing teaching they received was during a one-to-one conversation about the Bible.  It's certainly true of me.  When I was a student, an older Christian guy helped me to read through a Bible book, paying properly close attention to it for the first time, and it absolutely revolutionised my faith.  You just read, discuss, and pray about a Bible passage - simple as that.  But be warned: only sign up for this if you want your faith to grow!
Go on, I dare you, do all three.  I reckon you won't regret it - no-one in heaven will regret the time they spent talking to their Father.