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I can’t believe!

How would your flatmates finish that sentence? What about the girl on your hockey team or the guy who sits next to you in lectures? Or what about you? What are the things that make you wonder about Jesus?

If it's any of the eight below, have a listen, and see why we're still convinced by Jesus.

(Left-click to play, right-click to download. All the handouts are in the PDF at the bottom, click to view.)

... there are so many religions (Simon Pedley)

... there is so much suffering (Simon Pedley)

... Christians are so boring (Simon Pedley)

... religion is always oppressive (Simon Pedley)

... science has disproved God (Richard Criddle)

... no one answers my questions (Simon Pedley)

... Christian ethics are so primitive (Simon Pedley)

... Christians are all hypocrites (Dave Wakefield)