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Why we love… reading great books

There are many different types of Christian book - but broadly speaking we can separate them into three categories - Theological, Historical/ Biographical and finally Pastoral.

Theological Books focus on both the big themes of the Bible and also the aspects of God's Character - now obviously these are NOT a replacement for the bible - however they can enrich our knowledge of the Bible and enlarge our view of God.

Historical and Biographical Books give us perspective on our place within God's plans - they remind us we are not isolated but actually part of a a tradition going back 2000 years. This gives us wisdom to know which battles to fight and which are merely changes in culture. More than that Biographies allow us to gain perspective on Famous Christians throughout History reminding us that they are imperfect and sinners just like us. This is not a bad thing - it stops us from idolizing them but also allows us to relate as we realise they are Human too!

Pastoral books give us a Christian and Biblical framework with which to view our lives - and often cover areas including Doubt, Depressions, Guilt and other struggles we may face. These books are vital for our continuing health as Christians - they help us see warning signs of sin in our lives but also give us an ability to empathise and help others who struggle by being able to point them towards passages in the Bible that help.

Obviously this distinction is a little simplistic and there is overlap between all three - a theological book with no pastoral implications would be merely knowledge for the sake of it and a book on Church History or Leaders which never mentioned their Theology would just be strange.

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