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Why we love… CU mission events

In case you missed it last night, here's an old version of the sketch: What's the worst that can happen? (And thanks for Dave for being willing.) As nervous as we might feel about stepping out and inviting a friend along to a CU talk in the next couple of weeks, the reality is that it very rarely gets worse than option D. And they might say yes!

Even more than that, with the run up to the London CU mission week (23rd to 27th January), Matt gave us three great reasons to invite friends along in his sermon on Sunday from Matthew 28:16-20:

  1. Jesus' authority: "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me." We go with the authority of the King who no one can overrule.
  2. Jesus' command: " Therefore go and make disciples of all nations." We have the privilege of serving our friend, Lord and saviour in his mission to the world.
  3. Jesus' presence: "And surely I am with you always." As we weakly and faultingly invite people along, the one who has all authority is with us always.

Jesus' authority, Jesus' command and Jesus' presence. That's why we love to invite people along to CU mission events. And what's the worst that can happen?