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Old friends: Zim Okoli

This term, we're going to find out what some of the students who left SKG last year are up to. Do pray for them as we hear what's going on, and we hope that their experiences will help us know what to expect when we move on from student life.

Zim, what have you been up to the last term?

Since graduating in 2011, leaving university has involved quite a few changes for me.  Hoodies are now feature a lot less in my week as I now work full time for an engineering contractor in the oil & gas industry.  The bigger change has been a decision to move church to be involved in a Co-mission church plant called The Bridge, which is Battersea. This has also involved finding a place to live in Battersea so that it's easier to be involved in the church and the community we serve.

What have been some of the challenges?

I spent my final year of university involved in both Christ Church Mayfair and The Bridge before committing to move to The Bridge upon graduating, so this made the move slightly easier, but changing churches has still been quite a challenge.

The Bridge is much much smaller in size than CCM!  One thing this means is that everyone mucks in and works hard to help run the ministry - from cooking food, washing up, to helping lead Sunday school or run activities at our monthly kids club.  Serving in this way is great for growing as a Christian but it's also quite draining, so the need for energy has been a regular prayer of mine.

Whilst it's been exciting getting to know a new set of people, it’s also hard work.  The core team at The Bridge are a great encouragement as we share our lives and study the Bible together; however we're primarily at Battersea to share our lives and the gospel with people on the estates around the church.  This is challenging because there are cultural differences and it's tough/slow to genuinely commit to totally new people.

How did your time at SKG equip you for what you're doing now?

I believe God has been changing my heart to be more trusting in Him and less proud, and a big part of this has been through the hard work of the SKG team in teaching the Gospel faithfully during my time as a student.  I think studying 1 Corinthians was a real highlight for me, and changed a lot of my wrong thinking about what belonging to a church family ought to look like, which has equipped me to be more intentional about serving at Battersea.

...also the food at SKG was awesome. Even better when you got seconds!

Is there anything you want to say to the current students?

In some ways university was a confusing time for me. You arrive quite an immature Christian, with lots of wrong thinking and desires.  But my experience is that in His grace God seems to use university as a key time to grow people, through giving you lots of opportunities to serve Him and enjoy His word, in spite of our sinfulness.

Make the most of the opportunities: Sundays, SKG, CU, summer camps, course mates, books, the list goes on . . .