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Old friends: Phil Short

This term, we’re going to find out what some of the students who left SKG last year are up to. Do pray for them as we hear what’s going on, and we hope that their experiences will help us know what to expect when we move on from student life.

Phil, what have you been up to the last term?

This term I've had a mixture of things.  Up until November I was doing a lot of gigging, some sessions and auditions for some pretty cool opportunities!  Highlights were getting to perform at the 02 with rapper chipmunk and being called to audition for new boy-band one direction.  Since November I’ve had no music work and God has provided a job working in a guitar shop and also some teaching work taking classes of 30 students for guitar lessons for the Richmond music trust.

What have been some of the challenges?

Challenges have been trying to find music work and really trust God with my future.  Its been frustrating to start working in "regular" employment when so many of my friends have had some bigger breaks and are playing music full time, especially after going into work after playing some pretty cool gigs!   Earning a living is pretty hard work!  Even in full time employment money is scarce and London is expensive!!

How did your time at SKG equip you for what you're doing now?

SKG is such valuable time that I really wish I was able to go to it more.  Learning from Gods word in a much more systematic way is such a good way of finding out about God's character and who he is, and what impact that has on your relationship with him and how you relate to him.  The more you can understand about God, the more you see how awesome he is, the more you want to praise him and serve him.  Also in real life, it has grown me and matured me so that I know that God is the centre of everything and what I should trust, not my uni degree or my job or even my own opinion!  That’s not always easy.

SKG will also teach you to love one another, I have seen over the three years that many of the people who have been through SKG are spiritually more mature and loving than many of the older people who attend church.  This isn’t cause SKG is "cool ninja" club, but because of the time put in to God's word, and the more God's word is absorbed, the more it will change you, and that is noticeable.

Is there anything you want to say to the current students?

YES!  Invest time into SKG, you wont have as much access to such specific teaching and opportunities to ask big questions about the Bible once you leave except for things like camp or a CU event or whatever.  SKG enables you to go through particular themes in great detail in a way you can't in a normal sermon or a Bible study.

Also invest time into your friendships.  Many of you will leave London, but many of you will stay, and in a city like this you need your brothers and sisters, believe me!  Also you will never have so much time on your hands, so be wise with your evangelism!  I know that sounds crazy to you with all your studying, I thought I had no time - then I graduated.  Oh dear...  Now I really have no time!  Make the most of it because if you don't you will regret it!

Those of you prone to spend 6 nights a week doing Christian CU stuff/ church stuff, don't!!  Get down the pub with non-Christian mates and invest time with them, witness to them, if you don’t you'll always be weird around non-Christians.

Those of you prone to spend 6 nights a week down the pub with your non-Christian mates.... don't do that either!  Make sure you spend time with brothers and sisters who can help you keep close to Jesus. Plus you'll also find Christian events feel a bit odd, so make sure you go to them!

In everything keep Christ central, he is your only reason for doing what you do, so make sure you do it for him!

Practical advice:  Boys and girls, be nice to each other.  Boys, please take the lead in being friends with the girls, SKG has always been a bit like primary school in that respect. You are allowed to talk to each other, it doesn't mean you have to get married!