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Old friends: Michael Chow

This term, we're going to find out what some of the students who left SKG last year are up to. Do pray for them as we hear what's going on, and we hope that their experiences will help us know what to expect when we move on from student life.

Michael, what have you been up to the last term?

This year I'm doing a year abroad in Pittsburgh. In the last term, I mainly experienced the American style of learning, which was an interesting contrast to the British style of learning. I also made a couple of new friends, which I thank God for, because good friends I can easily connect with are hard to come by.

What have been some of the challenges?

One of them was finding a new church and a new bible study group, but I've experienced it before in my first year of university when moving from Malaysia to London, so there's not much trouble there.

How did your time at SKG equip you for what you're doing now?

SKG has rooted me deeply in the word of God and has guided me to make the right decisions when in difficult situations. It has also taught me to rely on God in the face of uncertainty and adversity, which serves to lead me through the different paths of life.

Is there anything you want to say to the current students?

I just wanna say: Be thankful for CCM and SKG! It's probably the best church and students group in the world! No kidding. [ed: we didn't ask him to say that!]