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God is speaking!

In the horror film 28 Days Later, Jim wakes up from a coma to find London completely deserted, with no sign of life. As you watch the scene, can you imagine if the universe was like this? What if God had never revealed himself, never left any hint of his existence, and all we could do was shout "Hello?" at the sky?

But God speaks! That's what's we've been thinking about this term - God's revelation of himself. (Left-click to play audio, right-click to download. The handouts for all 7 talks are in the PDF at the bottom.)

Revelation: God is speaking (Simon Pedley)

'General Revelation' - how far does it get us? (Simon Pedley)

In Jesus Christ, God reveals himself in person! (Simon Pedley)

God speaks! Hearing God in words we understand (Richard Criddle)

The Bible - what is it like? (1/2) (Simon Pedley)

The Bible - what is it like? (2/2) (Richard Criddle)

What new 'special revelation' should we expect today? (Simon Pedley)