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Dig Deeper: The Metaphor Tool

“Dig Deeper” (Beynon/Sach) is one of the best books you’ll ever open, because it gives you tools to read the best book you’ll ever open. Get a copy from the church bookstall and start digging!

Yesterday, we heard about the Metaphor tool. When we find a metaphor in the Bible it can be tempting to start coming up with interpretations, but it is far more useful to dig around in the Bible and see if the metaphor is used somewhere else. We saw that the phrase "born of water and the Spirit" in John 3 is picking up the metaphor of Ezekiel 36, and that protected us from getting John 3 wrong.

But sometimes the issue is that an image is used in different ways in different parts of the Bible. Here's an example adapted from Dig Deeper p110:

In Luke 22:42, Jesus prays that God would take a "cup" away from him. He could have been alluding to a couple of Old Testament metaphors - which set of passages do you think is most likely?

  1. Psalm 16:5, 23:5
  2. Psalm 75:8, Isaiah 51:17, Jeremiah 25:15-16, Lamentations 4:21, Ezekiel 23:31-34, Habakkuk 2:16

In these passages, who was the "cup" originally intended for? How does the Old Testament metaphor increase your appreciation of what Jesus did for us on the cross?

Bonus question: Luke 22:14-23 describes another "cup". How does it relate to the Old Testament passages above? How does it relate to the "cup" of v42?