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Dig Deeper: Exodus quotation/allusion tool

“Dig Deeper” (Beynon/Sach) is one of the best books you’ll ever open, because it gives you tools to read the best book you’ll ever open. Get a copy from the church bookstall and start digging!

We've thought before about the Quotation/Allusion tool. But yesterday we thought of one specific example which comes up over and over again - when later Bible writers refer back to God's rescue of his people in the Exodus. Here's another example.

Read Hebrews 12:18-28

  1. Which aspects of the Exodus are being referred to here? (Skimming Exodus 19-20 might help.)
  2. How does the author say  our situation is similar to that of the Israelites at Sinai?
  3. How does he say that it is different?
  4. How do the Exodus themes help us to keep the commands in v25 and v28?
Bonus question: Read Hebrews 3-4. How do these chapters, and especially the handling of Psalm 95, help us understand where Hebrews puts us in the story of the Exodus. What should we be looking for as a result?