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Dig Deeper: The Quotation/Allusion tool

“Dig Deeper” (Beynon/Sach) is one of the best books you’ll ever open, because it gives you tools to read the best book you’ll ever open. Get a copy from the church bookstall and start digging!

Yesterday, we heard about the Quotation/Allusion tool. When the New Testament quotes or refers to the Old Testament, the passage might well have been more familiar to the original readers than it is to us. So looking it up in context can open up more depth in meaning.

Here’s an example for you to work through.

Read Mark 15:21-39

  1. In v34, Jesus quotes Psalm 22:1. How many other fulfilments of Psalm 22 can you find in this section?
  2. How does that change the way you think about Jesus’ crucifixion?
  3. Bonus question: How does the end of Psalm 22 help us understand what is happening in Mark 15:39? Thoughts are welcome below!